Write Touch – A Stress-Free Innovative Pen


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A 2-year ongoing dream for a writing/drawing utensil that minimizes the stress and tension we all get from gripping a pen for a prolonged period of time. A project that was once designed for myself and 7-year old nephew who has a latency in developing motor skills, with starting designs, to using this idea and prototype for my business class in my senior year of high school, finally produced an almost-finalized product that mimics the ability to write as if you are finger painting. Simple enough, draw and write exactly what you want with just one finger, while the rest of your hand and fingers rest on the platform, or, for more precise writing, use your thumb as guidance, whilst still avoiding any tension in the joints and muscles! My hopes in this project is that all of you can bring this to life with me, mass produce to give everyone, who either has joint discomfort, trouble with fine motor skills, muscle cramping, or just the love of a finger painting style, one of these aesthetic-yet innovative pens.


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