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Vray is an optimized UV sterilizer developed to decontaminate all object and surface. Short-wave UV-C light has been commonly used in the sterilization of medical appliances, food and water purification since the mid-20th century. Vray is the optimized device to apply this technology to everyday household belongings while integrating the necessary safety features to accommodate everyday use.

Strong & Fast sterilization: 99.9% sterilization in 5 seconds by using 8W PHILIPS UVC lamp and high reflector.

User-oriented design: Handheld & Hands-free usage can be supported with optimal sterilizing height of 5cm & light weight.

Safety first: Embedded safety sensor against the UV exposure and specially coated lamp prevent from the accident caused by user’s carelessness.

Sleek: Stylish design and trendy color satisfy the user’s preference. It’s a brand new item for the user’s healty & cool life.


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