VELOSOCK First Indoor Bike Cover


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Protect your wheels and your home with the VELOSOCK First Indoor Bike Cover. This all-fabric cover is like a sock for your bike. It’s totally stretchy and protective and slides up and over your wheels and pedals to cover your bike. The VELOSOCK is perfect for those who store their bikes inside. The fabric ensures no stray dirt or mud lands on your clean floors. In addition to saving your floors and keeping your home clean, it also protects your bike. The product made of breathable material that dries fast to prevent your bike from rusting. Additionally, the VELOSOCK works wonders for transporting your bike. Using polyester and spandex, the VELOSOCK adds a protective layer between your bike and your car seats. Fitting bikes 63 to 80 inches, the VELOSOCK comes in 17 different fabric designs.


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