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The Eternal Calendar

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ETERNAL CALENDAR and 12 timeless monthly calendar sheets printed on high-quality paper. You can start any month you like and you can always order more calendar sheets. These offers are only on crowdfunding campaign and it will end on 15 March 2019.

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The ETERNAL CALENDAR is an architecturally designed calendar that can last for a lifetime. It has a simple, strong graphic design, and is handcrafted of sustainable materials, with great attention to details. The calendar captures the idea of a simple analog life, slow-living poetically. In a busy life, The ETERNAL CALENDAR is the perfect way to start your daily routine by getting an overview of your time, plans and goals.


On top of the calendar, you can set the date, day, month and year.

On the bottom of the calendar, we installed magnets, so you have a place to hang your favorite pen and your keys.


The monthly calendar sheets have a minimalistic graphic design; it has everything you need to get an overview of the month and good space to write your daily appointments. There is also space to write your general goals, tasks, and thoughts.

The calendar sheets are printed on high-quality paper. You can either hang 12 sheets on the front of the calendar, (if you often need to look through the months of the year) or you can leave the current month hanging in front and slip the other sheets into the side of the calendar. You can always order more calendar sheets.


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  1. Shelley

    Love the look!

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