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Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the fun has to. Play your favorite
swimming pool dive games after nightfall with this glow-in-the-dark outdoor pool
kit. STARLIGHT SWIMMING GAMES let's you play ten different games with the
enclosed waterproof, glowing games pieces and game ideas. It’s the new way to
experience Sharks & Minnows, swimming dive games, treasure hunts and more! It’s
easy to set up for hours of fun: simply twist each light on, toss it into the water and you’re
ready to throw a pool party, host a birthday or invite the neighbours and family over for an
awesome glowing time.

• Experience a fun new way to enjoy your swimming pool after dark with glow-in-the-dark
game lights.

• Easy to set up. Choose a game, twist on the lights and start playing.

• Encourages kids and teens to be active after nightfall – without TV’s, computers or

• Kids get off the inflatables and in the water to have some fun with these futuristic LED

• With instructions for 10 fun swimming and dive games included, kids and teens will
never get bored.

• Classic swim games like Treasure Hunters and Human Whirlpool are even more
exciting at night.

• Encourages exercise, strong swimming skills and social interaction.

• Adults can relax by the pool while kids light up the night.

• Plus, twist on lights for glowing pool party decorations with floating flowers lights, illuminated submersible diamonds and periphery lights, your guests will love the water wonderland these lights create.

• Each kit includes 6 glowing bracelets, 4 dive diamonds, 6 border lights, 2 glowing flowers and 1 guidebook with game instructions.

• Batteries are included — and replaceable!


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