Pulse 160 LED Jellyfish Aquarium


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Bring your love for nature into your home with the Pulse 160 LED Jellyfish Aquarium. With an authoritative size, you can fit a variety of jellyfish of different sizes and species. The Pulse 160 actually has a volume of 46 gallons so it really makes a statement in any space. However, this isn’t your average aquarium. The Pulse 160 Aquarium uses a state-of-the-art flow and filtration system. It’s all built-in so there are no protruding parts. It’s totally low maintenance and features a mechanical and biological filter. The aquarium also has everything you need to implement exterior accessories such as a chiller. The Pulse 160 Aquarium has a modern all-white exterior and runs quietly to suit your space. It has room for up to 15 large jellyfish.


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