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Keep your pet happy and satisfied when you use Pebby, the robotic pet sitter. With a sensor attaching to your dog’s collar, this system includes an interactive toy. The Pebby ball features a built-in Intel Edison processor which allows pet parents to remotely control the ball via Wi-Fi. This allows you to play with man’s best friend even when you’re not home. In addition, the Pebby Smart Ball includes a built-in camera. Use it to interact with your dog or cat and even capture moments in real-time. In addition to being loads of fun, Pebby helps your pet cope with separation. Furthermore, the PebbyCollar beacon allows you to track your pet’s activity and view key insights into their well-being. You can even use the app to initiate exercise routines when you’re not home. Pebby also has a two-way communication system so you can actually hear your pet and vice versa. Finally, as it’s made for pets, Pebby is as durable as it is fun and super easy to wirelessly charge in the included charging kennel.


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