Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting Kits

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Take your home into the future with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting Kits. This technology lets you interact with light like never before. This set comes with nine different light panels which you can arrange and rearrange as you wish. In fact, the kit comes with a drill-free mounting system so there are no holes left in your walls. The Aurora panels are actually filled with LED lights and connect to each other. You can tessellate their triangular shape to best suit your space. Then, connecting to your device via Wi-Fi, the lights really come to life. You can use the app to choose from over 16.7 million different colors. In addition, you can change each panel to be its own color and create wonderful fades and gradations. The Aurora Smart Lighting allows you to control the light in your home like never before. Through your creativity, you can set whatever mood you’d like.


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