Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase


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Make travel with your kids a whole lot easier with the Mountain Buggy Bagrider Suitcase. As an all-in-one suitcase, this bag rider transforms your bag into a stroller. With a perfectly formed seat, your young one will be comfortable throughout your entire journey. In addition, you’ll always be able to keep an eye on them. With a simply twist, the seat unfolds from the suitcase as well as the integrated wheel system. This allows you to push the entire suitcase, child and all, in front of you with total balance. These wheels increase your maneuverability so any airport is a breeze. Coming in all black, the Buggy Bagrider can hold up to 15kg of weight. Finally, the Buggy Bagrider is complete with a three-point harness to keep your little one safe and sound.


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