Middle Finger Gaming Gloves


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Upgrade your dexterity with the Middle Finger Gaming Gloves by Icehawk. Powering through the next level is always an adventure but can leave you with unnecessary hand pain. The Middle Finger Gloves are here to save the day (and your hands). The fingers are completely open except for the thumb and the middle finger. These two give you protection from blisters as well as support. In addition, the Middle Finger Gloves help improve the circulation to your hands while you play. They also prevent sweating so you stay comfortable for even the longest sessions. You can choose to remove the thumb splint or keep it in place for increased stabilization. The Middle Finger Gloves offer gel padding yet remain sleek for total dexterity. Finally, the exterior features digital leather, the same material trusted by MLB players. The Middle Finger Gloves give you all you need without hindering your skills.


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