Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver


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Keep your kitchen utensils safe while cooking with the Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver. The Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver ensures that your utensils don’t fall into the soup or make a mess during meal prep. Additionally, Hug Doug easily adjusts to grip most of your kitchen tools using flexible silicone. Likewise, the adjustable arms wrap around a wide range of utensils, such as spoons, spatulas and whisk handles. Hug Doug also works as a spoon and utensil rest to prevent your counters from getting food puddles or dirty spots. Furthermore, Hug Doug uses food-grade silicone and is even steam and heatproof. You can also wash Hug Doug in the dishwater. Finally, Hug Doug makes an excellent gift for friends who love to cook.


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