Hollow Empty Metal Dice


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Bring your games to the 21st century with the Hollow Empty Metal Dice. Featuring anodized aluminum, these dice are 100% hollow on the inside. With this material, the dice is actually a frame so you can see right through it. The Hollow Dice is an inverted edition of its predecessor, the Cubble, by the same brand. Complete with round corners, the Hollow Dice roll and move freely just like you’re used to with traditional D6 dice. Additionally, these dice are the lightest metal dice ever. In fact, they’re 85% lighter than previous dice available. Simple yet stunning, the Hollow Dice transform your board games with each roll. These unique also feature special weighing to ensure statistically even probabilities for all six sides. The interior of the Hallow Dice showcases the aluminum silver. The exterior comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, green, yellow, silver, pink, and black.


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