HEY Smart Haptic Bracelet


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Stay close to your loved ones no matter where they are with the HEY smart haptic bracelet. This incredible wearable sends a gentle squeeze to your loved one’s wrist. Perfect for those in long-distance relationships, the HEY bracelet delivers something much more than words – actual touch. Best of all, the HEY bracelet is totally discreet. Only the wearer knows when a message comes through. In addition, your private message can mean whatever you’d like. Whether you send a message to your partner, a family member or a friend who lives far away, the message is always personal. The gentle touch is a special reminder that says “I’m here.” The HEY bracelet is as beautiful as it is interactive. Coming in white or black, it blends in seamlessly with any style. Finally, it’s also weatherproof and has a three-week battery life so you can keep it on all day, every day.


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