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Glowing objects, fun competition and permission to battle each other…it’s the perfect
trifecta of things that all kids and teens love. And, now they can have it all in this crazy
fun light-up sword game, GLOW BATTLE. Embark on a quest to victory as you play each of the ten organized games included in this kit: Gladiators, Knights of Old, Vampires and more! Some require stealth, others strategy, and still others speed, but all of them call upon your inner warrior. This glow-in-the-dark battle game is a wonderful way to get some energy out of your kids once the sun goes down and is way more fun
than staring at a screen.

• A thrilling and unique nighttime outdoors activity — without TVs, computers, phones or

• Easy to set up and simple to play – anywhere there is space to run.

• Keeps your kids active, teaches them strategy and encourages social interaction.

• Players use warrior instincts to team up and take down their opponent.

• Teams are distinguished with light-up bracelets and harmless, glowing foam swords.

• Players race to attack their opponents, and send them running back to their base to

• Physical exercise becomes part of the fun as players run, jump and swing at each
other to win!

• Develops teamwork, group bonding, and strategy.

• Ideal group game for schools activities, youth organizations, leadership retreats,
corporate retreats, overnight camps, summer camps, family reunions, sports teams and

• Cool gift idea for kids, teens, and even normally boring adults.

• Fun activity for parties and an exciting alternative to laser tag, flashlight tag, lawn
games or paintball.

• Includes 10 game variation cards to keep the game fresh.

• Each kit includes 10 glowing swords, 10 glow wristbands, 8 regeneration station
markers, 10 game option cards and 1 rulebook.

• For ages 8+ and for up to 20 players using game variations.

• Batteries are included — and replaceable!


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