Feline Yogi Cat Yoga Mat


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Give your kitty the best place for activities with the Feline Yogi Cat Yoga Mat. Just like a traditional yoga mat, this one offers a cushioned spot for stretching, relaxing, and a little mental stimulation. However, this one is made just for your feline friend. The Cat Yoga Mat is durable to function perfectly as a scratching mat. In addition, it has a wonderful gripping texture that your cat will just love. The front of the Cat Yoga Map also has a special bonus: it comes with a built-in catnip toy. Tied to the mat with durable rope, the catnip allows your cat to have a little entertainment, too. Additionally, just like your yoga mat, the Cat Yoga Mat easily rolls up when it’s not in use. Coming in a variety of colors, the Cat Yoga Mat is the perfect size for any home.


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