DIGIIDROBE – Smart Wardrobe

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DIGIIDROBE is an innovative smart gadget for your home. Engineered to organized your wardrobe powered with AI.

Place it anywhere

In your wardrobe, laundry room or any space that you want to manage your items.


Download it Free on Android and IoS, you can setup DIGIIDROBE and manage your wardrobe conveniently anytime anywhere. The more you use it, the more it can adapt to your habit and preferences.

  • Locate Items

Using RFID tech, you can easily find that missing mystery item at no time.

  • Outfit Suggestions

No worries on what you wear. You will always be in trend based on the latest fashion and be ready for any weather using items from your wardrobe!

  • Travel Packing

Help to Pack your trip based on your destination activity plan and weather forecast

  • Wardrobe Catalogue

See and list all your wardrobe’s items anytime anywhere

  • Sharing

You can also share with friends and family.



It offers Temperature and Humidity monitoring. So relax! Your item will always be in great shape.




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