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Parents are all searching for that magical answer to getting their kids and teens off of
their screens, outside and active. CAPTURE THE FLAG REDUX. Kids will love the
glowing nighttime excitement and parents will love the fact that their kids are outdoors,
unplugged and moving. It’s the classic game that people have played for over 90 years,
but adapted for today's generation using glow-in-the-dark LED lights Each kit includes 25
battery-powered, reusable lights that transform playing fields and players into glowing
teams of blue and green. Complete with lit jail markers, territory lights, light-up
wristbands and glowing crystals that serve as each team's flag, this is truly a modern
twist on a classic game.

• A Kickstarter staff pick, featured on BuzzFeed and voted one of Boys’ Life Best

• A thrilling and unique nighttime outdoors activity — without TVs, computers, phones or

• Easy to set up and simple to play – anywhere there is open space to run.

• Physical exercise becomes part of the fun as players run, hide and chase each other to

• Keeps your kids active, teaches them strategy and encourages social interaction.

• Players break teammates out of jail, sneak into enemy territory, protect base and steal
the glowing flag to win.

• Develops teamwork, group bonding, and strategy.

• Ideal group game for schools activities, youth organizations, leadership retreats,
corporate retreats, overnight camps, summer camps, family reunions, sports teams and

• Cool gift idea for kids, teens, and even normally boring adults.

• Fun activity for parties and an exciting alternative to laser tag, flashlight tag, lawn
games or paintball.

• Includes 12 game variation cards to play Capture the Flag and entirely new games.

• For ages 8+ and for up to 20 players using game variations.

• Each game box includes two glowing orbs to use as the “flags,” 16 color-coded LED
bracelets to differentiate team members, 8 glowing jail markers, 7 territory lights, 12
game variation cards and 1 rulebook.

• Batteries are included — and replaceable.


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