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 A super lid that adapts to ANY container in all shapes and sizes, big and small! No more lost lids!

The Food Guard Lid is a heatproof (230C or 446F), stretchable, stackable, washable, reusable, environmentally friendly, time and money saving food lid that stretches and moulds to ANY sized food container, plate, bowl, dish, pan or storage medium. The Food Guard Lid eliminates the need to replace lost lids, waste time finding the right lid for the right container or worry about finding a microwave or oven safe lid when cooking.
The Food Guard Lid is a one size fits all solution to your lost lid problems. One pack of The Food Guard comes with 5 x the 19.5cm (7.7 Inch) Food Guard lids, each in a different color, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Clear, so that you can organize your food and leftovers. The Food Guard material is a unique one. It is similar to what silicon cupcake trays are made from, but is a little more ‘sticky’ so that it can grip and create airtight seals around containers, making sure the food stays fresh and flavoursome.

The Food Guard is a multi purpose food storage solution. It is an all purpose, one size fits all solution for your kitchen storage and cooking problems.


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