3D Printed Periscope Sports Case


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Use your phone as an action camera with the 3D Printed Periscope Sports Case. This smartphone accessory and action camera mount enables you to turn your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone into an action camera. Featuring a versatile mount system, you simply attach the included straps to the side and top of the case. From there, Periscope can be secured onto your arm, handlebars, or anywhere you need. Offering an entire photography kit for your mobile phone, the Periscope Sports Case has a removable lens so you can change the angle of your smartphone’s camera. This is great for capturing candids and action shots as your device can stay horizontal while filming. Providing everything you need for photography and mounting, the slim case also protects your device. The industrial 3D printing design is strong and durable yet slim so your device still fits in your pocket.


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