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Hatch Baby Rest Kids’ Night Light


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Help your little one form good sleeping habits with the Hatch Baby Rest Kids’ Night Light. More than just a light, this device also combines a sound machine and a time-to-rise function. With the night light, your child will feel safe and secure at all hours of the night. Growing with your child, the sound machine function will help babies and children fall asleep and stay asleep. For older kids, the time-to-rise feature lets them know when it’s time to start their day. This technology actually promotes a healthy circadian rhythm as well as the production of melatonin. As a result, your kids will get truly restful sleep every night. All of this functionality pairs with an app on your smartphone. You can create schedules as well as customize light color and brightness, sound, and volume. In addition, the Rest Night Light also has buttons on top for easy control. The Hatch Baby Rest is available on Amazon Launchpad.

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  1. Tom

    Looks great!

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