Featured Shop: Neo-Ne Eyewear

1) Tell us about yourself (Have you always been  an entrepreneur? When did you decide to become a full-time entrepreneur?)
I studied business when I was in university, then I happened to work in different design fields for years. I have once ran a select shop with many designer brands and I suddenly had an idea of starting my own. Then after a year of study and preparation, I decided to be fully dedicated to Neo-Ne.
2) How did you come up with the idea for Neo-Ne Eyewear?
After years of works in different design fields, me and my father decided to combine our own expertise in 2013. My father S.H.Li has over 30 years experience in eyewear making, I know we will be the best team together. Everything happens like it means to be, Neo-Ne is father & son eyewear label. The idea of Neo-Ne is all about inherit and transformation, it embodied in our eyewear design and our craftsmanship. 
3) What has been the most exciting/challenging part of being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur is challenging everyday, that is quite scary while you realise the brand future is decided completely by your own decision. I guess it feels like playing chess with a super computer, the competitor is strong but you know you have to beat it. The most exciting part, however, is every time I see my new collection ready. It gives me hope. 
4) What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?
Passion. You need a lot of it when things go well. You need it most when things go down. 
5) What is your favourite brand and why?

That is really hard for me to only name one. I love camera, there are many camera brands I love: Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, Voigtlaender, Alpa…I love they are so unique, they go with the flows and yet always create their own paths. That is what i want to see in Neo-Ne.

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